Peepla seeks collaboration with global organizations and agencies.

What is Peepla?

Peepla is an exciting live-streaming social media platform that integrates seamlessly into other platforms. Peepla combines innovative user functions with best-practice functionality from top apps.

Peepla users are set up as “Talent” for live streaming on their own channels, allowing them to be supported by other users through an easy-to-use tipping system.

When Talents go live frequently and with engaging content, they are likely to grow a following and earn tips.


The social media market still has a great deal of room for growth.

●   Peepla offers an innovative approach that can easily gain popularity on a massive scale.

●    The first version of the app currently has 10 million users as well as more than 1.2 million active users per day.

●    With 1.5million hours of live content streamed every month, Peepla has already produced $43 million in annual income.


Peepla allows everyone to sign up as long as they are able to access the app.

Current statistics show that active users with an average of 10.8 hours of live streaming per month receive $14.30/hour.

Talent earning statistics:

●   12 Talents have earned over $1 million

●   90 Talents have earned over $500k

●   800 Talents have earned over $100k

●   $2.7 million is the highest amount earned in tips


Peepla is excited to collaborate with business partners and there are many possibilities, including:

●   Talent sponsorships

●   Product placement

●   Talent development

●   Content development

●   Special events

●   Advertising

Partnerships can be global or location/language specific, and agreements are negotiated on a case-by-case basis to ensure the greatest benefit to everyone.


For Agencies and Companies

1. To begin earning Peepla rewards, your invited talents must live stream 10 hours

2. Earn $12 for every accepted talent invitation

3. More rewards are offered when you surpass your talent goals.


Between November 2016 and March 2017, agents have received more than $3 million in payments. Peepla is expecting to pay more than $10 million in bonuses and commissions to agents between April 2017 and December 2017.

Agents can grow by submitting more Talents to Peepla and the better agents are connected with their Talents on content and production, the better the likelihood of greater tips, resulting in better gains for agents. Users joining under the agents’ Talents also benefit the agent.

Talent Promotion Programs

An exciting way Peepla supports its Talents with content innovation is by creating frequent online events that are themed for garnering a high viewer rate.

These events not only promote the talent, but help to grow and strengthen the Peepla community. Most events are set up with competition prizes.

Peepla categories include:

Music, movies, fitness, sports, fashion, talk shows, cooking, travel, and more.

Fitness & Sports

Daily workouts, sports, games, fitness, health

Music & Singing

Show off your voice, musicians, bands


Get your groove on, move, dance, explode



Peepla not only offers millions of users as an audience for corporate partners, we also offer services in advertising, public relations, and reporting/metrics.

Integrated Marketing & Communications

Peepla offers promotional packages for Talents to help them increase their audience.

Monthly Reporting

Track your Talents’ activities, earnings, ratings, and more 24/7 through the Peepla portal.

Pay On Time

Peepla pays on time, regularly, and quickly.


Peepla goes global with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Berlin, Bangkok, Cayman Islands, Virgin Islands Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.