Talent Scouts

Peepla is looking to collaborate with global talent agents, studios, arts venues, gyms, and higher education institutions to expand earning potential. Talent Scouts help to bring new Talent to Peepla that have an engaging personality in live streaming. Live Talents can focus their content in popular categories, such as:

●   Fitness & Sports

●   Music & Singing

●   Dance

●   Cooking

●   Beauty & Fashion

●   And more!


Benefits of inviting new talent

Talent Scouts can earn bonuses from the tips their invited Talents receive. The more Talents that Scouts bring to Peepla, the better the earning potential.

How to invite new talent

Invite friends through social media or direct links.   Agent-talent relationships can be set up through this Invite Link. Peepla rewards you with bonuses depending on your talents' tips. Bonuses are awarded by Peepla and not from your talents.


Face Book               Twitter                          Message/Email

WeChat                  Weibo                            QQ


When your new talents go live and meet the first-time broadcast conditions, Peepla rewards are sent right away.

10 hours                  $5/per                   10 Talents Live streaming more than 10 hours

$5 Reward per Talent

Inviting more than 10 means more rewards for you


How to start inviting

It is simple to start inviting. Just download the Peepla app to begin 

Me – Invite

Locate the ‘ Invite’ button under ‘Me’ to invite more talents

Motivate Your Talent

Motivate your invitees to go live, more tips are earned with longer and frequent broadcast.

Locate the “Invite” button under “Me” to invite more talents.

Motive your invitees to go live – more tips are earned with longer and frequent broadcasts.